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Mid-Columbia Medical Center

A Designated Planetree Patient-Centered Hospital

Mid-Columbia Medical Center is a 49-bed hospital in The Dalles, Oregon, known internationally as a model for how true whole-person care can be lived, demonstrated and delivered throughout an entire organization.

We have dedicated our mission to humanizing, personalizing and demsytifying the healthcare experience for patients, families and our community. All of our programs and activities are designed around the goal of addressing the biological, social, environmental, intellectual and spiritual needs of those we serve.

Explain Pain with Andy Roof, Physical Therapist

Part of MCMC's Chronic Pain Education Series

Date: Aug 05, 2014
Location: Water's Edge, Deschutes Rm., 1-2:30PM

Taught by a physical therapist, this class covers the basic physiology of pain, what is happening in our brains and nerves when we feel pain and how a “chronic” pain state develops in our nervous system. research shows that people with persistent pain who learn about the science behind the changes in their nervous system are able to decrease their perceived pain level.

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