A Note From Dennis Knox – We Owe a World of Thanks to Our Healthcare Heroes

A Note From Dennis Knox – We Owe a World of Thanks to Our Healthcare Heroes

Dennis Knox - MCMC CEO

All across the country, COVID-19 cases and staff shortages are forcing hospitals to close beds and postpone surgeries. The Omicron-fueled surge is happening here as well. We are seeing an increase in the number of patients needing inpatient care, an increase in patients needing outpatient care, and an increase in staff having to quarantine, testing positive for COVID-19 and unable to come to work.

To manage this ongoing crisis, our Incident Command team meets daily to analyze staffing availability and departmental priorities and to assess whether appointments will need to be rescheduled or if elective surgeries will need to be postponed.

For patients, a rescheduled surgery is not just an inconvenience. Postponing elective surgeries translates to prolonged suffering and more time in pain. That is why we are doing everything we can to continue surgeries as scheduled.

Patients are not the only ones affected by the current situation. The nationwide staffing shortage existed before COVID-19, but it has been exacerbated by the virus. To be understaffed is one thing. To be understaffed at a time of great need is another thing altogether. We are not alone–this is happening everywhere–and this crisis is taking a heavy toll on healthcare workers.

That’s why many are choosing to retire, resign or leave the profession altogether–and those who remain are working harder than ever.

I have seen how hard our staff is working to ensure our community has access to needed care. This is an unprecedented situation and we owe a world of thanks to the MCMC healthcare heroes who are seeing us through it.

To our amazing staff: We see you. We appreciate you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Twenty-two months ago, nobody could have predicted we’d be in a pandemic let alone be dealing with another COVID-19 surge. But the surge is here, and we will get through it. We will get through this because we have an incredible staff who cares so much about this community.

We thank you.