Our Executive Management Team, Board of Directors and Medical Staff Leadership are committed to ensuring our community has access to high quality healthcare, now and for generations to come.

Executive Management Team

Kyle King

Kyle King
Oregon Service Area President

Camie Overton

Camie Overton
Interim Administrator

Wendy Apland

Wendy Apland
Financial Officer

Jayant Eldurkar, MD
Medical Officer
Jayme Thompson-Mason
Patient Care Executive

Cheri McCall

Cheri McCall
Director, Human Resources

Community Board

Kerry Heinrich

Robb Van Cleave -MCMC Board of Trustees Chair

Robb Van Cleave
Kyle Kink
Kyle King

Nolan Young - MCMC Board of Trustees Vice Chair

Nolan Young

Dr. Paul Cardosi - MCMC Board of Trustees

Paul Cardosi, MD

Bill Ketchum

Suzanne Knapp - MCMC Board of Trustees

Suzanne Knapp

Victor Mondragon - MCMC Board of Trustees

Victor Mondragon

Michele Spatz - MCMC Board of Trustees

Michele Spatz

Dr. Frank Toda - MCMC Board of Trustees

Dr. Frank Toda

Medical Staff Leadership

Dr. Lisa Grant in a white lab coat

Lisa Grant, MD
Medical Staff President

Dr. Sonia Shishido

Sonia Shishido, DO
Medical Staff Vice President

Dr. Marc McAllister

Marc McAllister, MD
Medical Staff Secretary

Dr. Jayant Eldurkar in a white lab coat

Jayant Eldurkar, MD
Medical Officer
Medical Specialty and Hospital Based Department Chair

Dr Jane Corboy in a white lab coat

Jane Corboy, MD
Primary Care Department Chair

Picture of a doctor in a white coat

Jeffrey Mathisen, MD
Surgical Specialty Department Chair

Kerry Proctor, MD
Medical Staff Member at Large

Picture of Dr. Pentopoulos in a white lab coat

Analene Pentopoulos, MD
Medical Staff Past President