Helping You Live Your Everyday Life

Our occupational therapists are experts at helping patients recover and acquire the ability to live a higher quality day-to-day life. Our comprehensive program helps patients with all aspects of life including work, leisure, social interactions and activities of daily living. While we offer effective therapy services to patients of all ages and genders, are exceptionally skilled at helping children, and provide expert care for those who suffer from hand-related medical conditions.

Expert Hand Therapy Close to Home

MCMC offers expert hand care from the only certified hand therapist in the region. We work with patients with upper limb-related injuries, diseases and deformities. We help you regain functionality in your upper extremities and increase participation in your day-to-day activities.


Lymphedema causes swelling anywhere in the body, although it usually affects the arms, legs, face, head, neck, and abdomen. This condition can have a serious impact on quality of life. While there is no cure for lymphedema, we offer several treatments that can reduce the swelling and make it easier to enjoy daily activities. If there is a specific task or hobby that your condition has prevented you from doing, our occupational therapy team can work on a treatment plan aimed at overcoming this limitation.

In-Depth Pediatric Therapy

Our occupational therapy program for children is multifaceted and all-encompassing. The Building Block Program offers personalized one-on-one therapy for children and their families. Our pediatric therapists help children interact better with others and help them keep up with their peers. Some of our therapy involves using adaptive equipment and aquatic therapy. We help children become familiar with assistive devices and our aquatic therapy can be effective for those suffering from deficient motor skills or sensory processing abilities.

Our pediatric therapists work to help your children improve their:

  • Motor skills – Develop their physical abilities and improve their balance, strength, coordination, and endurance.
  • Daily activity abilities – Increase their independence by equipping them with the necessary self-care skills.
  • Sensory processing – Nurture their ability to process sensory information, allowing them to become more self-sufficient.

Top Notch Care & Facilities

MCMC offers state-of-the-art therapy equipment and facilities, including our aquatic center’s three pools, extensive fitness facility, and various integrated therapy programs. Our medical professionals are thoroughly experienced with helping patients of all ages and genders recover and live easier and more fulfilling lives.