State Approves Mid-Columbia Medical Center Joining Adventist Health

State Approves Mid-Columbia Medical Center Joining Adventist Health

Press Release – Mid Columbia Medical Center to Join Adventist Health

An agreement for Mid-Columbia Medical Center to join Adventist Health has been approved by state and regulatory bodies, clearing the way for the transaction to become official. Among the provisions of the approval are conditions like Adventist Health’s investment of $100 million over ten years to ensure MCMC’s operations and maintain existing services.

“We are committed to building on the already-exceptional work of the MCMC team to increase the quality and availability of healthcare for communities in and around the Columbia River Gorge,” says Kerry L. Heinrich, President and CEO of Adventist Health. “Adventist Health has deep experience in rural healthcare, and MCMC is an excellent fit for our system.”

The collaboration is expected to bring benefits in access, quality, and equity to the community, employees, and providers. Among those outcomes are strengthening MCMC’s ability to keep and expand health services, providing close-to-home access to needed healthcare, and improving recruitment of employees and providers. Together, MCMC and Adventist Health intend to maintain and enhance the immediate and long-term financial viability of MCMC that enables needed investments in the healthcare campus, technology, programs, and people.

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